The Story

The history of the treatment

Meet Cecilia - the inventor of the best chilblains treatment

Cecilia has been prescribing her chilblains ointment for over 50 years.

The creator of The Best Chilblains Treatment, Cecilia, was a young woman when she migrated from Slovenia to Orange, Australia with her family in 1954. Her whole family experienced some of the coldest winters in Australia and as a consequence some of the most painful chilblains. Living in only a shed and working long hours in a nearby factory, the nasty chilblains caused severe pain for Cecilia and her family.

Over the years many had sought Cecilia’s assistance with a range of health issues as she was known for her herbal and home remedy knowledge, ability to solve problems and provide solutions to people and their ailments. She did not however know or have a chilblains treatment at the time. She then started to experiment with the limited minerals, oils, herbs, spices, alcohols and plants that she had access to, determined to find a solution.

For months on end, Cecilia’s family endured her different combinations and solutions to no avail until, like all great stories, the day she stumbled across a formula which worked. The family, this time, waking up the next morning to absolutely no pain, no chilblains 3 days later and not to return all winter.

Now with the right formula, Cecilia started providing this solution to families of all walks and ages with her promise of a refund of whatever was paid or perhaps traded in the early days if the treatment didn’t work. To this day we have only refunded 1 unit of this treatment to an individual who was wrongly diagnosed and whom had a different health issue, not Chilblains.

Cecilia has since been supplying her chilblains treatment in country N.S.W ever since it was invented and has been a contributor to the local radio station 3AW on remedies for different ailments, the Chilblains Treatment being one of her most well known.